Floats – for fishing with the pen!


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Pen fishing is fantastic! An active way of fishing staying on your feet stalking . Search for the carp! A ripple on the water, a reed stick that is pushed back and forth, everything that can point out carp is carefully planned to set the motion into play


If there is a moment that is often explosive, with the short line of sight being pulled directly from the reel the shear panic and adrenaline that sets in motion from the take striking it. This is Fishing at its best, beautiful, hunting, direct contact with the fish close quarter battle

With this new series of floats every pen fisherman can get out and taking it back to were it all begins.

Choose the model that fits and enjoy your fishing!

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ARTICLE NUMBER 26000 26002 26004 26006 26008
DESCRIPTION Carp Float Short Antenna Carp Float Medium Antenna Carp Float Long Antenna Carp Float Long Antenna Carp Float Pencil
LENGTH 12cm 13cm 13.5 cm 19cm 13cm
BUOYANCY 1gr 1gr 0.75gr 0.75gr 0.75gr
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0.75 long antenna (19cm), 0.75g long antenna (13.5cm), 0.75g pencil float, 1 gram medium antenna, 1 gram short antenna