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  • ULTIMATE PORTABILITY– Take power wherever you need it with ATOM. It’s compact size, universal compatibility, high capacity internal fuel cell and eco-friendly solar recharge capability (sold separately) means you can enjoy, charge and provide power to your products anywhere when away from mains power.  ATOM weighs approx 2kg for the 60,000 mAh and 2.1kg for the 78,000 mAh  with dimensions of 240 x165 x 65mm – 9.5 x 6.5 x 2.6 inch
  • VERSATILE – ATOM can be adapted to many different outdoor uses or activities with the added option of two different size power cells. An option of 60,000mAh or 78,000mAh are available, meaning that ATOM can be used in most situations from short day excursions to longer field trips.  Not only that but it’s ideal for home use (power cuts), camping, daily use, when on the move (touring), or in times of emergencies.
  • INTELLIGENT– ATOM is equipped with an easy read User Information Display (UID).  The digital display indicates current battery level and usage information including outlet’s selected and power consumption.
  • ERGONOMIC– ATOM was designed for maximum portability with a stylish comfortable handle allowing ATOM to be transported and used with ease.  ATOM also has an integrated LED torch which is operated by a small button on the handle to illuminate your way. 
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY– ATOM contains 4 fast charge USB ports, 1 x AC outlet and 1 x 12v cigarette type outlet.  ATOM is compatible with electronic devices including mobile devices (Apple, Samsung, Google, Android), Laptops (Apple, Dell, Toshiba, Asus, HP), photographic equipment, search & rescue equipment, lights, television, stereos, iPhone, iPad, CPAP machines, medical devices, printers, flat screen TV’s, PS4, Xbox One, Wii U and drones to name a few.  Please check that your device is compatible with the 150 watt surge protector rating.
  • QUICK CHARGE, HIGH CAPACITY –  ATOM has a quick charge high capacity design that quickly recharges and powers your electronic devices. Atom’s 60,000 mAh capacity is built using 30 x 2,000 mAh Panasonic battery cells and 78,000mAh using 30 x 2.600 mAh Panasonic battery cells.
  • ADAPTABLE RECHARGING – Whether you’re at home, work or out and about, there are plenty of easy ways to recharge your ATOM. Take your pick and recharge your way! There are three ways to charge your ATOM 1. Via the Sun using a Powapacs 40w/60w Solar Panel, 2. Via the wall charger, or 3. Via a 12-24V car adapter!

 ATOM, off grid unit with  DC and AC outputs.

60,000mAh 240Wh. 20Ah @12v

78,000mAh 312Wh. 26Ah @12v

High efficiency silent, pure sine wave inverter, 150W constant 200W peak power rating.

1 x 230v 50Hz  AC output.

1 x DC 12V/10A output.

4 x 5v 3.1 amp USB outputs (Auto power detection).

1 x charging port via solar and mains DC charging.

Overload protection.

Over voltage protection.

Short circuit protection.

Over temperature protection

Low voltage protection

Battery – High discharging rated 18650 lithium battery.

Capacity’s – 60,000mAH 240Wh -78,000mAh 312Wh.

Digital User Information Display .

Integrated LED torch

Charging current – 4A.

Mains charging time – 15V 4A  approx 6 hours.

Solar charging time – 8 -11 hrs using high output 60W SUNPOWER solar panel in optimal light conditions and at 45 degrees placement.

What you get 

  • Atom
  • Mains wall charger
  • Car charger
  • Multi USB cable
  • Carry case


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