Rozemeijer Live / Deadbait Rigs 30lb 2x Treble & 1x Single size 2



Two hoists with two dredges and a single hook. These hoists have two VMC 9650 dredges in size 2. These dredges are attached to a spliting that is again attached to a swivel. This cable gland is mounted on the Ultra Thin Wire. In this way, the treble rotates 360 degrees relative to the steel wire. This will make the line sink less quickly. Both dredges are firmly attached to the steel wire, so they do not slide! Because of this, the baitfish will not “curve” when you turn the baitfish inside or when you eject. Use the single hook to pierce the tail of the baitfish for extra support. The hoists are looped with sleeves and this sleeve has nice, soft protective rubbers that finish the assembly well. Smooth and strong!

The 30lb, 19-strand Ultra Thin Wire is very flexible and strong. The hoists have a length of 50 cm.


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