Rozemeijer Shallow Screw Stinger set 18 cm / size 2 2 pcs


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Shallow fishing with shads has become extremely popular in a short time. Not surprising, since the pike are often not used to this and throw themselves full of dedication into a shallow running shad. The so-called shallow screw has been developed for this fishery, a twist that you turn in the nose of the shad to which you then attach your pin. We meet the need for a ready-made shallow screw stinger set that can be used with almost any shad on the market. Turn the wokel in the nose, attach stinger pins and fish! Our complete sets are perfectly matched to our Giant Paddle 23 cm but can be used with almost any large shad. Of course equipped with VMC dredges and the 360 ​​degree system so that no fish can pry loose during the drill.


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