The Gom


The Gom is a new and flexible method to sharpen your hooks. So you don’t need no more rock, magnifying glass or staples. The new way to get your hook point sharp!

Hooks become blunt by the water bottom or obstacles at the bottom with time. The hook tip can also be affected after a handed fish. It is always advisable to check the hook tip and sharpen again after a catch. The Gom is a new innovative method to sharpen your hooks. Thanks to its unique composition, The Gom is easy to use and quickly used while fishing. The gom consists of different sand crystals incorporated into a rubber compound.
Highly recommended not only for the carp anglers among us, but also for any other fishing!
The Gom is suitable for all types of hooks in all sizes available.

How do you use the gom?

Put the hook tip in The Gom
Then turn the hook back and forth. Thanks to the flexible material, the hook tip is surrounded by sand crystals. These sand crystals make sure the whole hook tip is processed.
For a refined finish, you should then pull the hook flat over the surface of the Gom to remove the last ridge.

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